FBC is in partnership with Higgins Elementary School to participate in a BackPack Club program.  This program provides packets of food to be sent home for students who are hungry and don't have enough food to eat over the weekend.  Most of the students participate in the free and reduced lunch program at school.  

 We have several teams who volunteer for different tasks to make this program a success!  We have people who pick up the food, pack the food in the backpacks, distribute the backpacks to the students and then check the backpacks so they can be refilled and the process start all over again.  Each team works on a rotation basis so it sometimes is only a once a month or once every 6 weeks to work.

If you would like to help with this ministry but can't serve on one of the teams, you can still help by donating funds to purchase packets.  For $162 dollars, you can provide packets to one student for the entire school year.   Just send the money to the church office and mark it for BackPack Mission.

Are you a BackPack Club Team Member?  
Watch for the schedule to posted here.