Why should I consider joining FBC Whitehouse?

   A - You need a fellowship to grow as a believer.  Membership gives you a place to service God and others.  You can also get involved in reaching our town and our world.


Can I join FBC on the Great Adventure?

  A - You can join if:

         - You have accepted Christ as your Savior and Lord,

         - You have been (or are willing to be) baptized,

         - You attend and complete our Membership Class - "Adventure 101",

         - You are willing to sign our Membership Covenant


How do I become a Member of FBC Whitehouse?

   A - Come to the "Adventure 101" membership class.  Classes are held frequently and you can sign up on-line or call the church office to let them know you are interested.  A meal is normally provided so it helps if you let us know so we can have enough materials and food for everyone.