Life Blessings is a Day Program for adults with special needs.  It offers them a way to continue their education learning life skills to help them lead full and productive lives.

They meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30am - 4:00pm all year.

They learn life skills, including academic skills, music therapy, grocery shopping, community walks, exercise program, dining out, social interaction, work projects, gardening and helping with the BackPack Club.

They learn social/behavioral skills including staying with a group, following instructions, treating others with respect, practicing safety, pedestrian safety, social communication skills, identifying and approaching proper authorities in case he/she is lost.

They learn functional academics such as counting, number recognition, letter/word recognition, addition, subtraction, telling time both digital and standard.

They learn work skills by following instructions, focusing on a job, working well with others to complete a job, shopping and preparing meals, planting a garden and caring for it and then harvesting the crop. 

For more information on Life Blessings, contact Lainie Browning.