Mission Team Model

Seven Recommendations of the Missions Team:

1 - The Mission Team leads the church to focus on our primary mission (Jerusalem) in local outreach.  The Team should follow the Vision Plan and build toward the "Background View" objectives over the first three years.

2 - That all current mission partners be supported at current funding levels for the next year. (Budget 2016-2017).

3 - That at least one (church-sponsored) mission trip be planned and conducted annually for International and National mission work (beginning in the 2017-2018 budget year).  The team leader, size of the group and the per-person support by the church will be determined by the SMC.

4 - That the Mission team conduct two major missions fundraising event per year:  Christmas (Project Joy) for local mission work; and in August/September for internation/national mission projects.

5 - That a vision trip be conducted by two Mission team members to each of our partners (Acts 1:8) beginning next (2016-2017) year.  These visits, where feasible, will provide information to keep the church aware of needs and prayer request of the partners.  Information gained in the visits will be used to conduct an assessment of future work with each partner.

6 - That the Mission Team work with our IMB Church Mission Strategist to develop a partnership with IMB sent people working with at risk and/or orphaned children (TBA).

7 - Promote Send Conference for church participation, May 2017.

FBC is very active in Missions!  We have local, state, national and international mission work projects!  Check out some of our missions and get connected with one!  Each mission can always use another pair of hands or financial support. 

It's amazing what God can do through each of us when we listen to His guidance!  Watch the video and see how He worked in these lives!