We at FBC think prayer is an important part of everything we do - it's essential to growth.  We believe you need to have a personal prayer time and even be a part of a strategic prayer time.  Below are some ideas to help you as you grow in your prayer ministry.  Come be a part of the prayer ministry and watch the mighty things God can do through you and our church!

"Lord, hear my prayer.  In Your faithfulness listen to my plea, and in Your righteousness answer me."  Psalm 143:1

 Sunday School Prayer Points

Each week a Prayer Point is sent to the teacher, or someone designated, in each Sunday Bible Study class to share with the class.  It is regarding something special happening during that week or soon that as a body we can pray together and ask God for His blessing or help regarding.  God hears our prayers.
"The Lord has heard my plea; the Lord will answer my prayer."  Psalm 6:9 (NLT)



You can submit a request for prayer below - include your name or sent it anonymously...however you choose to share your request.  Please know it is sent to a group of people committed to bringing your needs to the throne of grace with the utmost integrity.