Here's where we hope you will find helpful information to keep you connected.

 We have assembled many of our FBC Resources here for easy access.

You can find sermons, weekly bulletins,  calendar of events, and various other helpful information.




We have a new way for you to access your information on file with the church.  FBCwCONNECT will display your name, address, phone number.  You can also update your information here so we have the up-to-date info for you!  You can also access Directory information so this is our new way of providing that information.  The information is secure!  Your email must be in the system before you can create your sign-in to the system. 



1 - Click on the link:   FBCwCONNECT

2 -  Click on the NEED A LOGIN?  Click Here

The screen will look like this:

3 - Enter you email address the church has on file and name.
Click the FIND ME button.

4 - You will receive a Congratulations you are signed up screen if your entered information matches what the church has on file.  (If not, please notify the church of your new information.)

5 - Check your email for the message from First Baptist Church and click on the link to find your user name and to set your password.

  From then on you can use your email and password or user name and password to access the system when you click the link or when you access the Church Life App.
You will have access to directory information. 

At this point you can also install the Church Life app from the App Store or Android Store and have directory information available on your phone.
(The Church Life app uses this same email and password)


If you still need help, be sure to call the church office at 903.839.3333.