Connect With Realm

REALM is our way to let you connect to your attendance, giving, groups and events! Click the link to set up your log-in.  You will have a secure access to your information and you will have access to our directory. Get connected today!

Connect with Realm


1 - Use the link above to register your account.  (You already have an account, you just need to reset your password so tell it you forgot your password.)

2 - When you click the link it will ask you to register and will already have your email address pre-loaded that we have on file for you. (If it is not current, please notify the church office)  Create a password being sure it fills all the system requirements.  Click the "I'm not a robot" and follow those directions,  Click the Register button.

3 - Next it will say "Please check your email" and you'll find an email from First Baptist Church.  Click that link to verify the email. 

4 - You will get a screen saying your account has been verified and you can now sign in.

5 - The first time you sign in you will be asked to verify your birth date for security purposes. 


1 - On your phone or tablet, visit the app store and search for "REALM" and you'll see the "Connect - Our Church Community" logo (it's blue).  Download the free app.  After it is installed, and you open the app, AT THE BOTTOM of the blue screen it says ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT?  SIGN IN (you already have an account from your previous steps so if you create it will be a duplicate).

2 - The screen will change to the SIGN IN screen - enter your email address and password created in the steps before.

3 - ALLOW the app to send you notifications so if something important is happening it will notify you!

You are now all set up and ready to go!  Events are listed.  You can see your giving records and make a gift and save that check!  More ways to connect to each other!

You also have an option of using your computer - there is a link on our website for you - to connect under the RESOURCES tab ( You can sign in using that link also.

If you have any questions, just call the church office and we'll try to assist you!