We are excited to be able to provide the audio version of our Sunday morning Sermons! 

In order to play the sermon, please click on the year to the right, and then click the red link to play.


YouVersion Bible App for smartphones and tablets


We now have the sermon outline available during the current week for the sermon audio. We are using www.YouVersion.com/Live or on your smartphones YouVersion Holy Bible App.
 The website or app will make the outlines available.

LIVE Event Instructions/Help

You locate our FBC sermon outlines by accessing the LIVE Events option and then searching for the zip code - 75791. The sermon title will be listed with FBCWhitehouse TX as the group.    Here's samples of what the screens should look like inside the app to help you:


    Touch LIVE              Search for LIVE         Enter zip code             Find FBC              Follow along!

You can click on the link below to access the YouVersion website.


You can make notes as you follow along and then email those notes to yourself to keep on file. Hope you enjoy this new technology as a tool to help you remember important points during the sermon.